Palm OS Developer Suite (PODS)

The Palm OS Developer Suite (or PODS) is a set of tools for building Palm apps with a relevant SDK. PODS uses Eclipse as its base IDE. Eclipse version 3.0.1 and the C Development Toolkit feature (CDT) version 2.0.2 are the required minimum Eclipse base. JRE 1.4 or later is required but is already included with this product so an additional download of it is not needed. Additionally, Palm OS Developer Suite uses Cygwin as its C compilation environment.

Installation Instructions

Installers, lite and full version.

There are two versions of the installer, which will allow you to install Eclipse, Cygwin, prc-tools, and the associated SDKs without needing a separate download unless you wish to have a non-Palm branded SDK.

  • lite -- Contains minimal samples and documentation, this does not include everything.
  • full -- Contains all of the samples and documentation, this includes everything.

Collection of files (

To perform a complete installation of Palm OS Developer Suite, which includes all necessary components (such as Eclipse, Cygwin, prc-tools, etc), run the Palm OS Developer Suite Installer. Palm OS SDKs must be downloaded separately.

The complete installation assumes that you do not have Cygwin installed. The complete installation installs an Eclipse instance complete with Palm OS Developer Suite specific plugins, a subset of Cygwin, prc-tools, and tools modified for use with prc-tools and Eclipse, in a subfolder of your root drive:

<root drive>:\Program Files\PalmSource\Palm OS Developer Suite

See included documentation for further details regarding both PODS and Palm OS itself.


VersionFileSize (full) Palm_OS_Developer_Suite_1_2_Installer_full.zip265M (lite) Palm_OS_Developer_Suite_1_2_Installer_lite.zip180M
1.2.0 Palm_OS_Developer_Suite.zip124M

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