Official software development kits (SDK) for various versions of Palm OS and devices. For use with the Palm OS Developer Suite (PODS)--see included documentation and PODS documentation for further details.

Also includes source code and binaries for MathLib, a common library shared by many Palm OS apps.


2.0 AlphaSmart_Dana_SDK_2.0.zip480K
r1 Garmin_iQue_SDK_Rel_1.zip216K
r4 Garmin_iQue_SDK_Rel_4.zip328K
1.05 Handera_SDK_1.05.zip1.8M
4.0 Handspring.zip12M
lib-1.2 MathLib.zip156K
5r4 Palm_OS_SDK_Garnet_5r4.zip26M
6.1 Palm_OS_SDK_Cobalt_6.1.zip96M
SDIO-2000 Palm_SDIO_EDK.zip1004K
SDIO-2001 Palm_SDIO_SDK_2001.zip528K
SDIO-2005 palmOne_SDIO_SDK_2005.zip1.8M
5.1 PalmOne_SDK.zip30M
Sony-2.0 Sony_Clie_SDK_2.0.zip600K
Sony-3.0 Sony_Clie_SDK_3.0.zip924K
Sony-5.0 Sony_Clie_SDK_5.0.zip852K
Symbol-4.10 Symbol_SDK_4.10.zip5.8M
Tapwave-1.1 Tapwave_SDK_1.1.zip25M
Fossil-1.3 WristPDA_SDK_v1.3.zip1.2M

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