Eat Watch (The Hacker's Diet)

The central component of the computer tools which accompany The Hacker's Diet is the Eat Watch--the weight monitoring, charting, and trend analysis software originally developed as Microsoft Excel macros in 1990. [...] Most people don't want to turn on their computer and fire up Excel every day to just enter daily log entries, so they keep a log on paper and then transfer the data to the computer every week or perhaps at the end of each month. But keyboarding a block of log entries is tedious and, like most tedious things, invites procrastination. And if you put off maintaining the log and charts for month after month, you may miss a creep in the trend, easily fixed when it begins, but which may require more distasteful dieting if discovered too late.

With a PalmPilot version of the Eat Watch, there's no need to keep a paper log at all! If you're a proper geek like myself, your PalmPilot is never far from reach (just like a slide rule in days of yore), especially since it, unlike the slide rule, can serve as an alarm clock. What could be simpler? Get up, weigh yourself, write the weight into the PalmPilot and get instant feedback, including an up to date chart. The ability to synchronise data on the handheld with your desktop computer allows backing up log data against the inevitable day the dog eats your PalmPilot or some other mishap befalls it, and having the data on the desktop allows deploying an application there which produces permanent logs and charts in HTML, an open standard which can be examined with any Web browser or even (if you're particularly vain and/or proud of your progress), posted on a Web site!


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v1.11 eatwatch.zip36K
v1.11 src eatwsrc.zip184K
v1.11 Win hddt_w32.zip72K
v1.11 Linux RHAT_Linux_i386_2.0.34.tar.gz168K
v1.11 desktop src hddt_src.zip84K

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