This boots a minimal linux instance on supported Palm devices.


  • Hotsync the prc file to you device.
  • Setup a direct serial connection at 9600baud in a terminal program and turn of your HotSync (if windows).
  • Execute the PalmLoader app and watch the kernel startup on your terminal program.
  • You should either be at a shell prompt or gotten a "Fatal Exception".


No registration required.


Works on:

  • Pro w/8MB "LinuxLoader" TRG card
  • IIIe
  • IIIx
  • IIIxe
  • V
  • Vx
  • M500
  • Visor Deluxe

NOT works on:

  • Pro 1MB
  • III
  • M100
  • Visor Prism
  • TRGpro
  • CLIE PEG-S300/E

Should work, but not tested:

  • IIIc
  • VII
  • M505
  • M515
  • HandEra
  • WorkPad
  • Symbol


M500 uClinux_-_m500.prc332K
Others uClinux_-_PalmV.prc380K

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