PointerHack allows you to use a keyboard to move a pointer around the screen and "tap" anywhere without needing to use the stylus. It requires a hack manager such as Hackmaster or YAHM.

v1.1 has been enhanced with support for the Alphasmart Dana.

Press the \ key (or your configured key) to invoke the pointer, which will appear in the top-left corner of the window.

Move the pointer around in steps of 8 pixels using the cursor keys, or the following block of keys:

    u i o
    j   k
    n m ,

Fine movement (3 pixels) can be made by pressing SHIFT with the above block of keys, eg:

    U I O
    J   K
    N M <

The pointer can also be moved directly to the centre or edges of the current window with the following keys:

    t               Move to top of window
    b               Move to bottom of window
    l               Move to left of window
    r               Move to right of window
    c               Move to centre of window
    p               Move to current text insertion point

When the pointer is positioned appropriately, use the following keys:

    SPACE or s      "Tap" the screen at the current pointer location

Other keys:

    ^               "Tap" outside the current window
    .               Disable pointer without tapping

    1,2,3,4..9,0    Pull down menu column 1..10 (no effect if menu already
                    showing - use '^' to cancel current menu first)

    w               Hide/show the WritePad area on the Dana

    enable key
    (eg '\')        Disable pointer and type the enable character


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