Palm DOSBox

Palm DOSBox is a source port of the popular DOS x86 platform emulator for Palm OS 5 devices. This port exists in an alpha state with many features not implemented or fully working, but can still be used for basic tasks.

Devices with a keyboard should use the customized Treo build below. Other devices are also compatible and can benefit from improvements such as on-screen keyboard support, joystick support, screen panning, and hardware button support. Bindings are as follows:

  • Hardware buttons 1 + 2 are mapped to left and right mouse button
  • Hardware button 3 toggles the 5-way navigator between moving the screen, moving the cursor, and moving the joystick.
  • Hardware button 4 is a macro to input exit to the emulator

Treo users can input special keys with the shift and option buttons. For example, option + K = semicolon, and shift + option + K = colon. Currently, there is no method to input function keys (F1-12).

To automatically perform setup commands at launch, create a file called dosbox.conf in the root of your SD card and add the [autoexec] header, followed by any accepted DOSBox commands. See the DOSBox wiki setup guide for details.


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alpha PalmDOSBox-Treo.prc420K
pre-alpha PalmDOSBox.prc412K
pre-alpha-src palmdosbox.tar.gz680K

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