Three missions are available in the Master Thief Series:

Master Thief: Phoenix Rising

Published: Oct 29, 2002, Cascata Games

The Phoenix Gemstone -- worth a reputed $24 million -- has been stolen by the Russian Mafia, the ...

Moose is a reimplementation of Mac OS's classic Talking Moose for Palm OS. Input some text and let your Palm device do the talking for you! Uses the CMU Flite speech synthesis engine to generate sound.

An official port of RealOne Player (RealPlayer) for Palm OS, featuring support for MP3 audio playback and custom playlists stored on the SD card.

MP3 files must be placed on the root directory of the SD card to be detected by RealOne ...

In 2007, the dates for Daylight Savings in participating countries changed to begin on March 11 and end November 4. This created a problem for any existing Palm devices which had DST support built-in for the old dates. As a result, the internal clock ...

Bubbles is a Puzzle Bobble clone for Palm OS. Fire colored bubbles from a cannon to match with others on the board and clear them away!

Move along the wire while avoiding obstacles and collecting points. Simple in idea but hard to master, Filao Fried Chicken Reloaded (try saying that 3 times fast) is quick to pick up, but hard to put down.

Pocket Quicken 1.01 for Palm OS (CD)

Requires Palm Desktop 2.0 or greater, and Quicken 99 or 2000.

Registration Code: 11264334

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