RPN Popup Calculator

RPN PopUp Calculator is a HackMaster extension that pops up a RPN (reverse Polish notation) calculator over the active application. It is activated with a simple (user-defined) pen stroke. When you are finished with the calculation, you are back to your application with just one tap. You can exchange data with your application if it supports copy and paste, or if it has an input field. Numbers and operations can also be entered with Graffiti.


In the hack configuration insert:
Name: kracked dude
Code: 15311


RPN PopUp Calculator is compatible with OS 2.0 and later. It will not work on older (Pilot 1000/5000 with OS 1.x) models.

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1.0.1 rpnpopcalc_1.0.1.zip44K
1.0 rpnpopcalc.zip40K

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