Void is a remake of the classic Elite sci-fi space exploration simulator. Pilot your own spacecraft and journey across the galaxy to conduct trade and survive combat!

BeamPRO is an advanced file transfer utility supporting both infrared and Bluetooth communications. From a single interface, files can be transferred in batches from internal storage or an SD card, with additional support for beaming individual datebook, address book, and memo entries.

Railroad is a form of solitaire also known as Russian Solitaire, one of the most challenging types of solitaire available. The object is to increase your score over time. Every time you deal, your score goes down 52 points. Every time you move a card to the foundation stacks, your score increases by 10. It’s ...

Afterburner is a system hack that allows overclocking older Palm chipsets such as the Motorola Dragonball, used in devices ranging from PalmPilot Pro to Palm m500 models. Requires HackMaster or similar manager to run.

J-Pilot is a Palm Desktop alternative for *nix operating systems providing full HotSync and organizer functionality. It utilizes pilot-link, which is included by default with some popular Linux distributions.

The latest version of J-Pilot’s source code is preserved below. While it hasn’t been ...

A Japanese graphical adventure game. Use the menu to select inspection, action and dialogue responses and solve the mystery!

NOTE: Knowledge of Japanese (or expert use of Google Translate) is required to understand and play this game.

Miami in the 1970s. A case is ...

A simple puzzle game. Continue with the move of a knight to complete the board!

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Codez4Palm is an extensive database of PalmOS registration codes packaged in a convenient app you can bring with you right on your Palm OS device! Also features MultiUserHack integration to allow registering individual apps with unique HotSync IDs. You can also keep track of your ...

The first and the only 3D flight simulator for PalmOS.


  • Full 3D
  • Realistic physical model
  • Around 10 very different missions (including a randomly generated one)
  • Different weapon (missiles/bombs)
  • External views (behind plane, from ...

Documents to Go is a portable office suite for Palm OS featuring simplified equivalents to Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, plus support for PDF and image files. It can be used to view and edit documents in Microsoft Office and other formats.

Documents to Go can be installed either by ...