Can’t remap that home button? Wish you had more than 4 hard keys? ButtonsEx is here to help!

ButtonsEx is a Palm OS 5 app that allows assigning shortcuts to every face button on your Palm–including 5-way navigation! It can also circumvent ...

A source port of Quake for Palm OS originally by yoyofr92 and later enhanced by MetaViewSoft. May require UDMH if not enough dynamic memory is free.

ZQuake requires an external SD card. To install, put the included ...

Galax is a popular clone of the classic arcade game Galaxian remade for Palm OS.

Note that Galax supports both grayscale and color displays, but not high-resolution ones.

VersaMail is a POP/IMAP Email client developed by Palm as the successor for Mail.

VersaMail supports syncing via HotSync or a network connection.

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4T AV is a set of two well-designed database applications that help you maintain a record of your media collection: 4T DVD for your video collection, and 4T CD for your audio collection.

Both apps give you room to record the ...

This is another of TSR's Endless Quest Gamebooks. Besides stories based on DnD, they also had some based on their other systems, like "Gamma World" and "Star Frontiers", and licensed properties like "Tarzan" and "Conan"

This one of two Tarzan ...

Dynamic Input Area (DIA) skin with 4 color themes.

Works only on T3.

Also has versions for AgendaBG skin app.

After installation change screen orientation to redraw DIA.

To uninstall use FileZ to delete ...

Viewer for various types of resources found inside a Palm resource database, includes a disassembler, bitmap viewer/exporter, form viewer, and hex dumper.

The Palm LifeDrive version 2.0 software update provides a variety of enhancements:

  • Wi-Fi coverage in low signal areas
  • Roaming performance
  • File system stability
  • Sound quality when listening to MP3 ...