SiEd is a free simple text editor that provides an easy way to create and edit large text documents, without the limitations of the built-in Memopad program. It's designed mainly for use with an external keyboard of some sort, although of course works fine without.


  • Support for plain-text files on VFS volumes
  • DOC format support (uncompressed only)
  • Edit ~600Kb files on most PalmOS 5 devices, ~100Kb files on earlier devices
  • Search and replace, Word count, Large undo history
  • Encrypted file support using 128-bit AES encryption
  • Split view - view/edit two files at once Emacs style
  • Macro Recording
  • Support for text/plain files through Exchange Manager (beaming, inter-application transfer etc)
  • 12 display fonts (4 Hires, 4 standard Palm, 4 normal-resolution)


SiEd is a free application distributed under the GPL license.


SiEd has a special build based on the 0.10.0 beta version that is adjusted for Alphasmart Dana's bigger screen (see downloads).

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0.9.11 stable sied-0.9.11.prc.zip72K
0.9.11 source sied-0.9.11-src.tar.gz1.1M
0.9.11 sied-0.9.11_MULTILINGUAL_prc.zip912K
0.10.0 beta 3 sied-0.10_beta3.prc.zip72K
0.10.0 beta 4 SiEd-Dana-0.10.0-beta4.zip1.7M

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Full-time, I'm an artist living and working in Japan, in my free time I like to fiddle with old tech, especially if it can be used for writing text! Check out my blog here: