CardTXT is a simple and fast plain text and palmdoc files viewer/editor. It is capable of working on files up to 4MB in size (depending on available memory) and because it can read and write files straight to a memory card it's a perfect tool for converting text files to and from the PDA.


This application is freeware, with no registration necessary.


CardTXT requires Palm OS 4 or later with VFS support.

CardTXT supports many hardware-specific options: - Landscape (480x320) and portrait (320x480) full-screen mode on both PalmOne and Sony Clie devices - Handera 240x320 resolution and DIA - OS5 high-resolution tiny fonts - Jog wheel/button and Back button on Sony Clie devices - 5-way keypad on PalmOne/Treo devices

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Full-time, I'm an artist living and working in Japan, in my free time I like to fiddle with old tech, especially if it can be used for writing text! Check out my blog here: