UFO Wars

--- Tap & Shoot UFO’s! As UFO’s fly in, tap on target to shoot them down.

Tap Screen to Play. Press the "Scroll Up" or "Scroll Down" hard buttons on your device to pause the game.

--- When you tap Menu on the bottom-left of silkscreen, the menu bar appears.

Game options include: Preferences, High Scores, Reset High Scores and About UFO Wars. Preferences include Game Level (Easy, Normal or Hard) and Sound (On/Off). High Scores will show you most recent ranking of scores. You can reset the ranking of high scores from Reset High Scores.

--- When the game is started, UFOs are flying from the side of screen. The target scope will appear on the UFO, this is when you tap it to defeat the UFO.

--- Time is of the essence. The faster you tap and shoot the UFO, the better your score.

The target scope will appear, but if it’s not tapped, the color of the scope will change from green to yellow, from yellow to red, and if still untapped, the scope will disappear and the UFO will escape. (For greyscale version, the color of the scope changes from lighter to darker.)

Before the UFO flies away, tap the scope and defeat the UFO.

--- On the left side of the screen, there are two status bars.

The lower (green) one (darker one for greyscale) is your vitality. If you miss UFOs, vitality is lost. If you miss a lot of UFO’s, this bar will empty and the game is over.

The upper (blue) one (lighter one for greyscale) is filled up when you defeat UFOs. When this bar becomes complete filled, you have completed your mission and another mission will start.

--- There are 6 stages and each stage has a mission to complete. When you accomplish the mission, you will proceed to the next stage.

Stages are broken down as follows:

  • Stage 1: "Defeat 30 Targets" You have to defeat 30 targets.

  • Stage 2: "Defeat In Order" You have to defeat targets within the timing goal. If the timing goal is "GREAT!", then you must defeat targets within that time.

  • Stage 3: "Defeat 50 Targets" You have to defeat 50 targets.

  • Stage 4: "Defeat In Timing" You have to defeat targets in the timing when the scope put on. (In the timing when "GREAT!!" is displayed.)

  • Stage 5: "Defeat No Miss" You have to defeat targets, without missing.

  • Stage 6: "Defeat 100 Targets" You have to defeat 100 targets.

--- If you accomplish the mission and cleared the stage, the result of the stage will be displayed. Points are broken down by GREAT Defeated, GOOD Defeated and so on. The bonus, if you earned one, will also be listed here.

--- When the game is over and your score is in the ranking of high scores, you can enter your name. Enter it by tapping alphabets.

--- When you have cleared all the stages in the Normal level, you receive a BONUS of 100,000 points.

If you clear all the stages in the Hard level, you receive a BONUS of 500,000 points!



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