LazerBall Challenge

Paddleball with an edge!

Your objective is to remove all destructible bricks from the screen by firing the ball/lazer towards them. Maneuver your paddle to block and fire ball/lazer towards the bricks up above. When the bricks are hit, they are removed and you score points. The lazer is fully charged when the blue bar at the top right of your screen is completely filled. You can use the lazer to destroy bricks or your opponent’s paddle (in 2-player mode). Additional balls may also be released into play by hitting special bricks containing additional balls.

Maneuver the paddle using the hard buttons on your device. Use the date book or address book buttons to move the paddle to the left and the to do and memo buttons to move the paddle to the right. Use the page up and page down buttons to set the ball in motion.

You can play LazerBall in either 1-player or 2-player mode.

To start the game in 1-player mode, simply select START under Single Player. You are essentially playing against yourself. You need to hit the bricks above with the ball to remove them, while making sure that the ball stays in play. If the paddle misses the ball and the ball is lost, you lose a “lives”. The game starts with 3 balls (or “life’s”) and ends when the last ball is lost.

To start the game in 2-player mode, select START under IR Multi Player. You will need to start the game on both devices and point the devices so that the infrared ports are directed towards each other. The machine that was used to start the game will be the “master” machine, which is controlling the game. It is your turn to prevent the ball from leaving the screen. The other player will try this at the opposite side of the screen. If the ball leaves the screen on your side, the other play will score. The 2-player game ends when the last ball is lost. The player who loses the last ball – loses the game.

At the top of the screen, the score for the current match is displayed. If there is not a game in process, the overall Lost and Won games are displayed in the main window.

To stop the game, select DISCONNECT from the menu. Disconnecting the game on one machine will cause the game to stop on the other machine too. Interrupting the IR connection (by removing the machines) will cause the IR connection to fail and end the current game as well.

You can access menu options by tapping the menu icon in the lower left corner of the silkscreened area of your handheld device. Menu options include: - Paddle Speed - Board Layout - Ball Speed - Speed Increase of ball as it is hit - Sound on/off


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