McFile is an application for manipulating files in PalmOS device internal memory and memory card. Sony’s CLIE Files app was based on McFile.

In addition to basic functions such as copying and moving files, by linking with various applications, it is possible to perform processing such as reading of texts and DOC files and attachment to mail.

  • File operation
    You can perform basic operations such as file copy, move and delete on memory card.
    This operation can be included in the directory as well as the file management software on the PC, so it is easy to batch delete the unnecessary directory tree.
  • Infrared transmission and reception
    Besides the general database and infrared transmission of files, it also has a function to receive files on the memory card.
    Transmission and reception on this memory card is not affected by the file format, so it is possible to handle general files other than prc / pdb.
  • Application linkage
    By linking with an application that has an interface for external linkage, it is possible to “open” or “send” various files.
    The link function such as “text display” and “mail attachment” is set as a sample.
  • Jog compatible
    It corresponds to the jog dials and jog wheels installed in each model.
    Operations with the file list and various pop-up menu operations can be performed with jog only.
    Also, with CLIE, when used in conjunction with PowerJOG created by Tatsushi Yamada, most operations can be performed with just jog.


I decided to make McFile, hrFontMapper, heFontMapper, FlexButton, CodeDiver, KeyQuick, and AppShelf as freeware without support (from now on, I will include the key file for releasing restrictions in the download archive)


Recommended: Palm OS 4.0 *
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Version 2.2b4 adds support for OS5, but there may be outstanding problems.