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You can now enjoy 7 types of games in Solitaire, 2 types in Casino, and 9 types of games at once with palm. In addition, the crispy operation feeling of the stylus captures you even more! !!

You can enjoy it with all 7 types of solitaire, from intuitive and lucky things like Klondike to things that use your head more than when you are working and require advanced skills. ..

โ—† Games that can be played in solitaire โ—†
1. Klondike
2. Four-leaf clover
3. Pyramid
4. Clock
5. Golf
6. Nervous weakness
7. Cat in the wall

Chips obtained from poker and blackjack can be used in common within the casino. Save steadily with blackjack and play poker! !! You can stick to him more strategically, and you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the casino.

โ—† Games that can be played at the casino โ—†
1. Poker
2. black Jack

โ–  Operating environment Compatible models Japanese version palmOS Ver.3.1 or higher running model Supported OS Japanese version palmOS Ver.3.1 or higher Required memory 370kb or more free space is required LCD monochrome / color compatible Provided media CD-ROM version (Win / Mac machine is required at the time of installation)


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1.0 Solitaire-4C.prc156K
1.0 Solitaire-256C.prc360K

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