Race Fever

With its 3D technology and analogic controls interface using the pen, Race Fever™ will blow you away. Complete race experience with qualifications, races, championships, driving exams and even 2 player duels in simultaneous play through the IR port.

And they're off! Race Fever is an exciting racing game for the handheld, and it includes great graphics! This program allows you to choose different cars and choose between an automatic or a manual transmission. There are even 16 different tracks with their own environments. Once you qualify, you can participate in the championship races! You can also race head to head in two-player mode. If you enjoy racing, you'll appreciate this program. Note: This program supports color and grayscale.





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500 English RaceFever_500_english.prc364K
500 French RaceFever_500_french.prc364K
500 German RaceFever_500_german.prc364K
505 English RaceFever_505_english.prc684K
505 French RaceFever_505_french.prc684K
505 German RaceFever_505_german.prc688K
Color English RaceFever_color_english.prc684K
Color French RaceFever_color_french.prc684K
Color German RaceFever_color_german.prc688K
Grayscale English RaceFever_grayscale_english.prc364K
Grayscale French RaceFever_grayscale_french.prc364K
Grayscale German RaceFever_grayscale_german.prc364K

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