More than just a visual skin, TealOS (or, Teal Operations Skin), is a multi-functional application launcher that gives your time-honored handheld the exciting look and feel of the newest Palm devices.

Providing a powerful and intuitive way to organize your activities and workflow, TealOS runs under Palm OS but simulates the card-based interface of webOS on the Palm Pre family of smartphones. TealOS comes complete with support for thumbnail image cards, a translucent applications screen, customizable background images, customizable icons, a pop-up wave launcher, and a revolutionary new pop-up card wave. While keeping your existing phone and applications, it's the next best thing to a brand-new phone!

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I have a little over a half a decade of solid experience with PDA devices. I usually work with Windows Mobile Pocket PC’s but I will occasionally work with Palm devices. I own a Palm Z22 (nothing special) and a broken Handspring something or other ...

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