Simon Tatham's Puzzles

This is the Palm port of Simon Tatham's portable puzzle collection, a set of classic and original puzzle games. For an introduction to the games, and individual instructions, please see Simon's page. The palm port was written by James Harvey; it's not in the main code because of the horrors required to get it building for the Palm (see HACKING.palm in the source archive for details).

Currently supported puzzles include Black Box, Bridges, Cube, Dominosa, Fifteen, Filling, Flip, Galaxies, Guess (a Mastermind clone), Inertia, Map, Mines (a Minesweeper clone), Net, Netslide, Light Up, Loopy, Pattern (or Nonograms), Pegs (peg solitaire), Rect, Samegame, Sixteen, Slant, Solo (or Sudoku), Tents, Twiddle, Unequal, and Untangle.


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