Rotation is a small utility that allows for rotating the contents of your screen by 90 degrees for certain apps or by using a trigger button (also on the keyboard). Very useful for reading ebooks while holding the PDA horizontally or using some accessories like wireless keyboards.

The app is very responsive and the screen orientation switch is very fast.


This is a demo version that will display a delay screen on some rotations and also pause your PDA for few seconds while in landscape mode for more than 5 minutes.

Below is also a zip file with cracked versions of all three RotMgr apps, that bypass the code that displays the delay screen. (thank you, Mat!)


This app is meant to be used only with square screen devices (320 x 320px)

You should use Landscape on Sony CLIE TH/NX/NZ, Garmin iQue 3600, Garmin iQue 3600a
You should use Portrait on Sony CLIE UX40/UX50.

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1.2.4 rotation_demo.zip20K
1.2.3 landscape_demo.zip24K
1.2.3 portrait_demo.zip24K
Cracked Cracked.zip36K

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