Pocket Aargon

Pocket Aargon is a handheld version of Aargon Deluxe, the popular PC laser puzzle game. The game consists of a series of 10x10 "levels", each containing one or more colored lasers, and one or more "targets", represented by colored coins. The player must reflect, bend or modify the laser beams so that every colored coin is simultaneously hit by exactly one matching beam. When all the coins are spinning, the level is solved, allowing you to advance to the next level.

The game includes a built-in tutorial, several built-in level packs, and the ability to create your own packs and levels using a built-in level editor. It's easy to share ("beam") your own packs to your friends, too.

Included is the base game and 3 map packs: Deep Space, Mirror Hall and Smooth Sailing


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1.0 AargonPalm_105.prc272K
1.0 Deep_Space.pdb60K
1.0 Mirror_Hall.pdb20K
1.0 Smooth_Sailing.pdb52K

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