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Pleco is an extensive Chinese dictionary and learning tool for Palm OS 5. In addition to a massive library of Chinese <-> English characters and words, Pleco also features complete audio pronunciations and hand-written character recognition for looking up hanzi you don’t know how to pronounce or write in pinyin. For those learning the Chinese language and/or writing system, Pleco’s custom flashcards will help you practice reading, writing, and retaining vocabulary.

However, all of these features come at massive cost to file size. Provided below are two downloads, one a basic installation which can be copied directly to your SD card, and another a complete Windows installer that will sync the appropriate files to your particular device. You will need at least 50 MB of free space to install Pleco, with more space being required for accumulated user data. A companion application included in both packages, PlecoMover, can be used to manage storage space and backup or delete unnecessary files on your device.


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Installer plecoinstall-2-0-4.zip148M
Zip Pleco-2.0.4.zip148M

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