Master Thief 3D

Three missions are available in the Master Thief Series:

Master Thief: Phoenix Rising

Published: Oct 29, 2002, Cascata Games

The Phoenix Gemstone -- worth a reputed $24 million -- has been stolen by the Russian Mafia, the Kombati. Your mission is to steal it back for a billionaire collector. Break into the Kombati Stronghold and find the hidden vault room where you will find the gemstone protected by armed guards. You will be paid handsomely if you succeed.

You are a human weapon of stealth and a master thief known only as Nebula. You are employed by corporations for the purpose of industrial espionage. In your secret underworld excursions, use your code-breaking skills, special weapons and utensils to successfully complete each task and accomplish your mission.

Liquid Gold Mission Pack

Master Thief - Liquid Gold Mission Pack - You are a human weapon of stealth, a Master Thief known only as 'Nebula' & employed by Corporations for the purposes of industrial espionage. In your secret underworld excursions, you use your code-breaking skills, special weapons & utensils to successfully complete each task and accomplish your mission. The game itself is FREE with this Mission Pack purchase.

Working through your agent in Prague, you can choose from a range of different missions, each with its own complex puzzles and particular challenges. In this mission, you will be awarded $5.1m if you steal the formula to a new Rocket Fuel that has been developed by ChemSciences in Switzerland.

MISSION DESCRIPTION: You have been informed by your agent that the ChemSciences Laboratory in Switzerland has developed a new Rocket Fuel formula. You have been hired to break into their factory complex, and steal a sample of the fuel mixture.

You begin the mission in the lower factory floor and must avoid the dangerous & very toxic chemicals on your way to the 5th floor. Armed guards, vicious guard dogs and military spider droids block your passage so use your cunning and skills in stealth to break open locked doors, penetrate the buildings secrets in order to find the vault holding the chemical sample. 路 Atmospheric chemcial environments (including toxic pools & clouds of noxious fumes) 路 More human guards & guard dogs in this naturalistic office complex 路 More intelligent military droids as you get near the top of the building 路 Puzzles to solve based on the factory theme 路 A new type of human character - the lab assistant 路 Challenges for you to figure out how to get from one location to another 路 Resources you can use to distract the guards if you find them... 路 A range of visual effects to render fountains, smoke, infra-red views of explosions & a host of textures 路 3D raycast lighting provides atmospheric play 路 Enhanced rendering with texture filtering on ARM devices 路 multi channel sound effects on OS5 Palm devices and Sony UX40/50 series 路 Auto Aim function 路 increased field of vision to 90 degrees 路 Available in 256 color or 16 greyscale 路 4 different modes of resolution with enhanced grayscale visibilty

Silicon Mission Pack


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Trial zip file includes versions for both Palm of 3.3 and up. Full version requires Palm OS 5 with an ARM processor.


Trial mt3d_trial_palm_v_1_4.zip1.2M
1.0 mt3d_phoenix_rising_arm.prc432K
1.0 mt3d_liquid-arm-colour.prc652K
1.0 mt3d_silicon-arm-colour.prc648K
1.0 MT3D_registration_tool.prc32K

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