Daedalus 3D - The Labyrinth

Daedalus 3D is a first person shooter for Palm OS-based devices and Nokia S60-series and UIQ smartphones. It is set in the 2014, where alien forces from Mars had invaded Earth and established a fortress on the planet. Your job is to get there and make them vacate the premises.

Visually, especially looking at the chosen brown-grayish color scheme, Daedalus 3D brings Quake to mind. And though the engine can display polygonal levels, objects and certain static lighting effects, it is not on the same technological level. The enemies are rendered as sprites and the architecture is much simpler as well. There are no visible weapons on the screen, only icons representing the four of them at the bottom of the screen.

The game supports both touch-based (for Palm) and hardware key input and both ways could be customized. There are 23 maps in total, plus the game can be expanded by additional downloadable level packs.

Features of Daedalus 3D – The labyrinth version 1.2:

  • True polygonal 3D graphics with real time rendering for total visual reality
  • 3D engine fully ARM-code optimized
  • Terrific performances with extreme smooth graphics
  • High resolution support for 320320 and 480320 pixel display *
  • Digital 16-bit 3D stereo audio
  • touch-screen and fully customizable keys command support
  • Compatibility with almost all devices running PalmOS 5 or greater with ARM compatible processor
  • Native VFS Memory Card support (MMC / SD / MS)
  • Support for additional level-pack **

  • Youtube demo of gameplay

Released 2004, published by Safoa.net


Use the "tm_daedalus3d.prc" file to generate your registration code.


The Labyrinth is designed for Palm devices running PalmOS® 5.0 or newer and ARM compatible processor with at least 4MB of available RAM memory, including:

  • PalmOne® Tungsten |T
  • PalmOne® Tungsten |T2, T3(*), T5(*)
  • PalmOne® Tungsten |C,
  • PalmOne® Tungsten |E,
  • PalmOne® Zire 71, Zire 72
  • PalmOne® Treo 600, Treo 650
  • Sony® Clie’ PEG UX series (*),TJ series
  • Tapwave® Zodiac, Zodiac 2 (*)

* 320x480 operation supported


1.0 tm_daedalus3d12.prc28K
1.0 D3D_Palm_FULL12.zip3.4M

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