MobiSystems Paint

MobiSystems Paint is a proven picture editor, organizer and photo viewer that has been a leader in the Palm software marketplace for years. See for yourself why thousands of home users and professionals choose MobiSystems Paint.

Three different preview modes Context menus for easy access to frequently used operations Ability to browse the directory structure of your PDA and memory card as if you are working in Windows Explorer With the ability to categorize your image collection you can access your digital images quickly, just the way you want. Share your images with your friends and family through beaming or Bluetooth, as SMS messages or email attachments.

Work directly with JPEG image files from both the main memory or memory card. Support for bitmap files on your handheld. Convert formats, export and import images to memory cards with ease. With the new Browse form each operation takes a few taps of the stylus. Image compression for the MobiSystems Paint native format.

Whether it's a graphic or a digital art MobiSystems® Paint is going to help you get that vision out of your head and onto the screen of your handheld. Packed with over 25 drawing tools Range of different shapes, including polygons, curves and Besier curves 5 levels of pen and line sizes Ability to work with transparent colors True true type fonts and ability to import Windows fonts Unlimited number of undo and redo operations

You will love the photo-editing tools allowing you to modify and enhance your images. View and modify the images made with the built-in camera of your PDA. Crop images and adjust exposure. Change brightness and contrast. Adjust hue, saturation and lightness levels. Resize, rotate, invert colors. Even make photos black-and-white.




This serial applies to any HotSync ID.


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I have a little over a half a decade of solid experience with PDA devices. I usually work with Windows Mobile Pocket PC’s but I will occasionally work with Palm devices. I own a Palm Z22 (nothing special) and a broken Handspring something or other ...