HandPainter Pro

HandPainter Pro is a powerful yet easy to use painting program for Palm devices. HandPainter features a professional drawing tool, combined with a very smart, elegant and easy to use user interface.

HandPainter is very powerful App, featuring all the painting tools that you already know from your desktop machine. Fully operational 4 level zoom, smooth zoom scroll using stylus or hard keys, flood fill, 4 spread width spray with flow control, 12 brushes , copy/move/cut functions, 4 text sizes, geometrical shapes, and much more. The result can be saved as native standard bmp to your card directly from palm, from your card you can send it by mail or upload it on the net using appropriate software, without needing to use your desktop at all.

HandPainter was designed to be user friendly and simple to use, with state-of-the-art user interface, pop up toolboxess, and hidden color toolbar.

HandPainter is one of the fastest painting tool ever designed for Palm OS. Featuring for example an almost instant flood fill (bucket tool), as well as a fast zoom operation and zoom scroll.

HandPainter is very small, HandPainter remains lean and takes about 200Kb of your Palm device memory.


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I have a little over a half a decade of solid experience with PDA devices. I usually work with Windows Mobile Pocket PC’s but I will occasionally work with Palm devices. I own a Palm Z22 (nothing special) and a broken Handspring something or other ...