Kyle's Quest 2

Kyle's Quest 2 v1.4.6 (c) 2002 Crimson Fire Entertainment

Welcome to the new Kyle's Quest 2!

Included with this release is a remake of the classic KQ level, "No Bones About It", by Robert Wayne.


Using the "Palm Install Tool", install KQ2.prc, kq2_data.pdb, and either BonesDXColor.pdb if you have a color device, or the greyscale-optimized BonesGreyscale.pdb if you don't have color.

You must have 200k free (after installation) in order to play the game.

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1.4.6 KQ2.prc88K
KQ2 Data kq2_data.pdb80K
Bones [Color] BonesDXColor.pdb300K
all INH-levelpack.zip248K

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