Kyle's Quest 2

Kyle's Quest 2 (c) 2002 Crimson Fire Entertainment

Welcome to the new Kyle's Quest 2!

Included with this release is a remake of the classic KQ level, "No Bones About It", by Robert Wayne.

INSTALLATION Unzip the file, and install all of the *.pdb and *.prc files to your device. If you are downloading the v1.4.6 version, you can choose whether you install colour or greyscale graphics, to suit your device.

You must have 200k free (after installation) in order to play the game.


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v1.4.6 Kyle'
v1.6.2 Kyle'
Levelpack: INH INH-levelpack.zip248K
Levelpack: TQ2 TQ2.zip260K
Levelpack: Two Plots two-plots.zip280K
Levelpack: RftS RftS.zip252K
Levelpack: Quest Quest.zip124K
Levelpack: Darnath-v4.0 darnath-v4.0.zip120K
Levelpack: DarkRealm-v1.6 dark-realm-v1.6.zip188K
Levelpack: Crystalia-v1 crystalia-v1.zip132K
Levelpack: 13thKingdom-v1.4 13thKingdomv1.4.zip192K
Levelpack: RPG RPG.zip120K
PC Level Editor Kyle'

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