Kinoma is a media player for Palm OS handhelds, came bundled with certain handhelds like the Tungsten T3 and the Tapwave Zodiac.


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The 3.1 version of this software has been tweaked by dmitrygr, removing the version check of 3.5 (despite error saying 3.0) and other things to work on Palm OS 3.0/3.1 devices, based on the 2.0.4 version of the player. Do not run this version on 3.5+ devices, and especially not color screen PDAs (use the unmodified 3.5 version instead).

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info Kinoma_Producer_2.04.txt4.0K
EX-3.1 KinomaEX-431patched.prc1.2M
3.5 KinomaOS35.prc212K
3.1 KinomaInstaller431.prc1.1M
3.1-patched KinomaOS31.prc212K

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