HandyShopper is a tool for managing your shopping lists. It helps you build a shopping database that remembers everything you've purchased before so that you can find them in your "All" list (master list) and mark them as needed so they appear in your "Need" list. When you go shopping, you check off items from your list as you put them in your cart, then after you pay for them you use the "Checkout" command to move the checked-off items back to the "All" list (items that aren't checked off yet stay in the "Need" list). Even though HandyShopper is designed for shopping lists, you can use it for other kinds of lists, too.

Here are a few of the many features of HandyShopper:

  • Create as many databases as you wish (shopping lists or other lists).

  • Mark items in your database (list) as Needed, and once you finish shopping, the items are remembered so you can quickly reuse them later.

  • You can keep track of how many of each item you need, what the price is, the aisle where the item is located, whether the item is taxable, and more.

  • Tap an item and hold the stylus down for half a second to pop up a context menu with some common actions.

  • A special one-handed mode lets you mark off items with one hand, without having to pull out the stylus.

  • The Total command adds up the total amount for the items you have marked as Needed, and the total amount of the items you've put in your cart. Notes can be attached to items.

  • Each database can be sorted by any of the fields (up to 3 fields at a time).

  • Keep track of up to 100 stores per database, and which items are available at which stores.

  • Stores that have needed items show up in bold in the Stores dropdown list.

  • Organize items in up to 100 categories per database.

  • The column widths in the list view can be resized by dragging the column header divider bars.

  • Optionally keep track of prices and aisles for an item on a per-store basis.

  • Copy an item to another database, including which stores the item is available at.




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