MegaLauncher is a multipurpose application manager that can work on all Palm OS platform devices. Easy, intuitively understandable interface and the program philosophy enable you to study and accept this program in no time. Designed for considerable facilitation and time saving this program also enables you to control all your applications and databases effectively taking minimum steps. Appearance and color gamut interface adjustment allows you to determine the most desirable variant of displays.


  • all handhelds running Palm OS 3.5 or later

  • standard (160x160), QVGA (240x320), Hi-Res (320x320) and Hi-Res Plus (320x480) displays

  • 2-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit and 16-bit color displays


To install this application you should synchronize the "ML43_xxx.prc" application to your device. Files can be installed by using the Desktop S/W or just any other application.

Note! You should select only one appropriate file which is suitable for your device

ML43_HR_OS5.prc For color device (320x320 and 320x480, Palm OS 5.0 and greater, 8/16 Bits): Palm 550 (Tungsten T), Sony Clie` PEG-NX60/70V, Acer s50/s60, ...

ML43_Sony_HR_Color.prc For color device (320x320 and 320x480, Palm OS 4.0 and greater, 8/16 Bits): Sony Clie` PEG-NR70/NR70V, PEG-N760/N610/T615/T625/T655, SJ30, ...

ML43_Sony_HR_Gray.prc For mono device (320x320, Palm OS 4.0 and greater, 4 Bits) - Sony Clie` PEG-T415/T425/SL10/SJ20, ...

ML43_Color.prc For color device (160x160, Palm OS 3.5 and greater, 8 Bits and greater) - Palm IIIc/m130/m505/m515, Visor Prism, Visor Treo 90/270/300, Sony Clie` PEG-N700/710, ...

ML43_Gray.prc For mono device (160x160, Palm OS 3.0 and greater, 2/ 4 Bits) - Palm III/IIIx/V/Vx/m100/m105/m125/m500, Zire, Sony Clie` PEG-S360, Visor Treo 180, ...

ML43_HandEra.prc For mono device (240x320, QVGA, Palm OS 3.5.3, 4 Bits) - HandEra 330, ...

Warning! If you failed to install the desired version to your device you are sure to see the following message: "You should install ML43_xxx.prc for this handheld." Delete the previous file (.prc) and install the file recommended.





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4.3 MegaL_4-3.zip1.4M
HR Skin Noia ML_Noia.zip116K

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