Frobnitz is a Z-Machine interpreter that runs on PalmOS. What's a Z-Machine, you ask? It's the virtual machine developed by Infocom for its text adventures, also known as "interactive fiction". Infocom has long since passed on, but the Z-Machine format has since been adopted for the authoring of interactive fiction by others. Features

Frobnitz supports the following:

  • V1-V5, V7, V8 story files formats.
    • Full support for the upper window. An 80x25 screen is emulated and you can scroll the upper window to view up to 40x17 of it at a time.
  • A smart mode that can decode the upper window and display an easier to read title bar.
  • Timed and interrupted input.
  • Emulation of the mouse via the stylus.
  • Color support (on color devices).
  • Keyboard support.
  • Line input is always done with a Palm input field, so you can use the popup keyboard at any time.
  • Excellent support for the Palm application model. Alarms and power saving features aren't interfered with.
  • Many shortcuts to avoid entering the same words over and over.
  • A scrollback buffer.
  • A method to allow you to read the "pop-ups" or "poems" that some games provide.
  • Undo feature. For games that support it.


To usefully run Frobnitz, you will need the following: A PalmOS device. Virtually any vintage will do, provided you have enough free memory. Frobnitz itself requires 64K; games typically consume 90-250K each. Games. If you still have copies of the original Infocom adventures that have been crying for you to play them again, you can run them with Frobnitz. If you don't, plenty of free Z-Machine adventures await your pleasure at the Interactive Fiction Archive. A means of converting Z-Machine adventures into Palm database (.PDB) files. We provide the tools to do this, but you'll need a compatible platform on which to run them.

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