Cellar Door

CellarDoor is an Interactive Fiction interpreter for PalmOS devices. It supports Z-Machine (Z1-Z8, inc. Z6) and Glulx stories, as well as .zblorb and .gblorb files and graphics. Requires hi-res screen & memory card.

Principle Features: CellarDoor can run games in the following formats:

  • Z-Machine (Z-Code, Infocom, Inform) V1-V8, including V6 with graphics, and newer games produced with Inform 7
  • Glulx (Inform)
  • Both of the above in Blorb files, supporting scalable JPEG and PNG graphics

Usage features:

  • Autosave (switching out of CellarDoor to another application pauses your game, permitting you to pick it up from where you stopped, without requiring a manual Save and Restore)
  • Category support helps you manage your story files
  • Pop-up verb/word lists, for quick access to most-used commands and actions. Two independent lists are available (useful for multilingual users).
  • Recording and playback of user input
  • Transcript support
  • User-definable undo level (for games which support it)
  • Frotz hotkey support (Z-Machine only)
  • In-game notes
  • Really, very, extremely stable


  • Multiple fonts
  • Landscape and widescreen support for capable devices
  • 8- or 16-bit color graphics, with 2 interpolation quality levels (4-bit greyscale and 8-bit color available on OS4 Sony Clie devices)
  • Custom fore- and background colors make CellarDoor easier on the eyes

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