Firestorm GBA Emulator

Firestorm gbaZ is a Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator for high-end Palm OS 5 devices, including support for TapWave Zodiac.

Firestorm is extremely demanding to run and may require use of system modifications such as UDMH and WarpSpeed to achieve playable speeds. ROM compatibility is not 100%, and only lightweight games can run well, yet this remains one of the most ambitious emulators available on Palm!

Installation requires an SD card. To install, copy the main Firestorm.prc application to your device's internal storage or SD:\PALM\Launcher. Then, copy ROMs to SD:\PALM\programs\Firestorm-gbaZ or the root folder of your SD card.


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1.4 firestorm-gbaz-v1.4.zip484K
1.3.2-retail firestorm-1.3.2-retail.zip444K
1.2 Firestorm_gbaz_1.2_for_OS5.prc380K
PDF firestorm_manual.pdf260K

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