Protecting your data for free. CryptoPad is an application designed for the Palm™ Connected Organizer platform, running on the PalmOS® operating system. It is designed to act as a replacement of the builtin MemoPad application, which provides a quick means of entering and managing notes on the Palm Handheld. It consists of two parts: - Cryptopad (the PalmOS application) - Cryptopad Desktop

CryptoPad is an encryption/decryption enabled MemoPad replacement. It lets you assign a different password for each memo and encrypt them.

CryptoPad uses cryptographic software written by Eric Young ( This is a slight port to the PalmPilot of his Blowfish algorithm, as found at I'm only using the cfb64-processing mode, which allows for encryption of arbitrary-length data with a password of up to 448 bits!

MemoPad records are available in CryptoPad and the encrypted memo are stored in its own database. With this feature, the encrypted memos don't appear in MemoPad nor in the Palm Desktop but are backup encrypted on PC in a CryptoPadDB.pdb file (in the backup directory).

The synchronisation of non-encrypted memos with the native MemoPad application allow users to take advantage of all the features given by MemoPad: - Automatic synchronisation with the PC and ability of seeing the records with Palm Desktop software or others. - Backup on PC of the archived deleted records. Moreover, the categories are also synchronised with both applications automatically.

CryptoPad replicates the built-in application as closely as possible. Version 4.x runs under Palm0S 3.1 and above.

CryptoPad features:

  • Supports find operation
  • Uses the built-in MemoPad database to store memos that are not encrypted
  • Uses its own database to store encrypted memos for protection
  • Leverage your MemoPad experience :-)

CryptoPad 4.x features:

  • Supports beam operation
  • Adds the OS3.5 features : command bar and security function


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4.11 CryptoPad_v411.zip264K
4.11 CryptoPad_v411_src.zip244K
4.10 CryptoPad_v410.zip256K
4.10 CryptoPad_v410_src.zip236K
3.66 CryptoPad_v366.zip268K
3.66 CryptoPad_v366_src.zip240K
3.65 CryptoPad_v365.zip260K
3.65 CryptoPad_v365_src.zip232K
1.01 CryptoDesk-1.01.zip812K

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