Foto Timer

Foto Timer was originally written because I no longer wanted to count the seconds when I took photographs of the stars. With the input and help of many people, it then became a more or less universal interval timer. Foto Timer can be used for almost every stage in the making of a photograph...

  • Can beep at regular intervals (0s-9h)
  • Stops after defined time (1s-9h) or counts forever
  • Can 'chain' processes. When one process ends, the next one in the chain starts automatically.
  • Can drive any external hardware via the serial port
  • Stores up to 32767 processes
  • Has big Start and Stop buttons
  • Can attach notes to individual processes. Those notes can also be accessed through the 'Memo Pad' and 'Palm Desktop' applications.
  • Can write a log file entry when processes start and stop. The log file can be accessed through the 'Memo Pad' and 'Palm Desktop' applications.
  • Can block the hard keys on your Palm so you can have it in your pocket
  • Freeware!

Foto Timer has been downloaded over 6000 times so far! I would like to thank everybody for their ideas, their feedback, and for using Foto Timer, of course. I'm much obliged.

Older version of Foto Timer

During its life, Foto Timer changed significantly. If you don't need specific functions, you might want to download an older version. They are usually smaller and run on older devices.

ATTENTION: Do NOT just overwrite a current version with an older one! Do ALWAYS delete later versions before installing older ones. You usually can not use your process data on an older version.

Why Foto Timer? Why the 'F'?

"Foto" is the German word for "photo". I guess I just didn't think when I chose the name...


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2.4 FotoTimer_en.zip56K
2.4 ft_manual_en.pdf2.2M
2.4 ft_example_en.pdf616K
2.2.1 ft221_en.zip24K
2.2.1 ft221_de.zip24K
1.1.1 ft111_en.zip12K
1.1.1 ft111_de.zip12K

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