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A science fiction visual novel from E-Team. The translation leaves something to be desired, but it was fairly well-received from what I've been able to find.

From the original release:

It is the masterpiece of which confidence is sent by our having it as the best-ever killer content of PDA.

::: GRAPHIC ::: In the graphic, the percentage of completion! character which exceeds a portable game machine raises up an illustration from the original picture base and in addition to the image of the anime touch, the emphasis! graphic level uses a suspected animation for everywhere to the extent that! with PDA being with not seeming is beautiful!

::: INCANDESCENT STORY ::: Romantic essence in the important position in addition to the story development by the movie style by multi- scenario composition, too,! The conclusion which you of game balance! such as the science fiction, being romantic, the anime which it is possible to enjoy in all the generations in addition to the adventure game fan reach is the conclusion or?! of the conclusion or the... impact of being moved.


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