Astraware Police Range

Police Range is a fast game of reactions, dexterity, accuracy and good judgment! Test your skill in one of two simulations; the Practice Range with simple outline targets to shoot as quickly as possible, and Crime Alley where the targets could be friend or foe!

There are two police range scenes: Practice Range and Crime Alley. In both you need to shoot the targets that pop up by tapping on them using your stylus.

In Practice Range, you must shoot all the targets as quickly and accurately as possible. At the start of each round, you will be told the speed and accuracy that you need to achieve to continue in the game. All targets are valid, and you get more points for a head or centre torso hit (the 'kill zone') than just hitting the target board.

In Crime Alley, you must still achieve speed and accuracy targets, but now you must also avoid hitting the targets showing innocent people such as the vicar or girl. You'll also have to work out what the kill zones are for the targets in the alley if you want to get the highest score.


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