Adarian Money

From the manual:

In the heart of Adarian Money is a database that contains all your financial information, e.g., transactions, accounts, budgets, bills, etc. Because these information are important to you, and you may want to examine them from different angles, e.g., you may want them be presented as a logbook of all transaction records, or as a summary report based on categories, Money provides users with different ways of viewing these information, called Views. Money comes with 12 built-in views, each of which serves a specific purpose.

To HotSync with Adarian Money for Windows, the Palm OS and Windows application versions must match. Otherwise, the conduit bundled with the app won't sync.


HotSync ID:

No registration information available. Try searching for this app in the Codez4Palm database.

Use HackMe to register without changing your primary HotSync ID.


Minimum requirements: System version 3.5 or higher

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4.1 Adarian_Money_for_Palm_OS_4.1.zip3.0M
3.8_build_1578 Adarian_Money_for_Palm_OS_3.8_build_1578.zip2.9M
3.7+win Adarian_Money_3.7_for_Palm_OS_+_Windows.zip5.0M

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