Xiino is an online and offline web browser compliant with HTML 3.2 specification, plus limited JavaScript and SSL support.

Web pages in Xiino are automatically adapted to suit the display. It is also possible to customize how certain features are rendered, such as fonts and images.

Originally named Palmscape, Kazuho Oku developed the project for ILINX Co., Ltd. while a student at the University of Tokyo. Under his own company, Mobirus Inc., he continued to provide support for Xiino, but did not provide a public release of the proxy application for embedding and compressing images. A community-developed alternative called OpenXiino can be used instead.

As the mobirus.com domain where this server was hosted is now defunct, image-capable versions of Xiino will need to have the image quality set to "text only" to view web pages (without OpenXiino). Despite this setting, embedded images in existing Xiino pages on a device will continue to display.


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3.4.1E Xiino.zip876K
3.4.1J Xiino341J.zip1.3M
3.3E Xiino33E.zip956K
3.3J Xiino33J.zip1.3M
2.1.2J Xiino_212SJ_Upg.zip3.5M
1.0.9E Xiino_v109E.zip804K
3.1.3E Palmscape_313E.zip488K
pre-Mobirus palmscape_50a5.zip64K

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