Agendus Pro

Agendus Pro is an advanced calendar and time management application with many modern features such as embedded images and SMS support on compatible devices. It is also a capable replacement for other stock Palm apps, with support for address books, memos, to-do lists, email, and more.


Agendus Pro uses a hardware-based User ID for registration, therefore serial numbers must be generated uniquely for each user. Use the Iambic Software Key Generator to create a registration code for your Palm device. For version 13, use the following sequence in the keygen: Software number 0, Software ID 20, Major Version 13, OS Choice 1, your Dev ID.

For the Desktop application, a serial code is included.


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10 AgendusPro10.zip2.4M
13 agenduspro_ota_en.prc1.3M
5.3 Agendus_Palm_Desktop_Edition_v5.3.1638.zip5.5M

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