WordSmith is a great word processor for older Palm devices. It works as a replacement for the standard Memo app but also edits Palm Doc files. The most characteristic feature is the ability to use font and paragraph styles (like bold, italic, underscore, justifications, etc.) and see them represented on the device while editing. (To do this, first enable the FineType format fonts in the application's preferences.) Other options include word count, bookmarking, skipping to a specific paragraph from a list, search and replace, and auto-save.

The install package comes with a small font manager utility and spellcheck app and database.

WordSmith works well with physical keyboards allowing for easy use of shortcuts by pressing CTRL+letter. The menu can also be viewed by pressing FN+Menu and navigating with arrows.


  • Long pressing on a file name in the file list brings up a quick actions menu.

  • Using font styles (like bold etc.) on a memo will result in the file having simple HTML tags. Opening this file in any Markdown editor on your computer will preserve this formatting!

  • Use a separate app (like CardTXT) to convert your writing into a TXT file and to save it to a memory card.

  • The Windows, Linux, and Mac installers contain utilities that can be used to convert the Palm Doc files to their Microsoft counterparts while preserving the formatting.


The newest version made is 2.2.27. Some patched versions and some that still require a registration code can be found. As this app can be considered abandonware, some codes are available online (for example, HERE).

Key made available by Dave Britten (link above)
Registration Key: 2543417850-202627516
HotSync Name: Dave

Use HackMe to register without changing your primary HotSync ID.


Warning: This app does not seem to work well on Japanese OS and is prone to crashing there.
Tested working on Vx, m125, m500
WordSmith has enhanced compatibility with AlphaSmart Dana.

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2.2.23 WordSmith-2.2.23.patched.prc576K
2.2.27 WordSmith_2.2.27_palm_files_only.zip800K
2.2.27 WordSmith_2.2.27_palm_and_linux.zip2.3M
2.2.27 WordSmith_2.2.27_windows_install.zip2.7M
2.10 WordSmith_2.10_Mac_OS_X_install.dmg.gz2.5M
00 WordSmith_Nautilus_scripts_linux.zip4.0K

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