Ticker gets you the latest news headlines directly on your handheld. The software reads and displays information provided in RDF/RSS format published by major news magazines, websites and journals.

Ticker refreshes the news feeds through any network connection like mobile phone, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Ticker Heavy additionally provides refreshing during HotSync with a Conduit.

2022 Notes and Review

In order for this to work, you must first remove the two feeds that come with the app.

The feed you then add must work with http:// no https://

The feed I used was http://feeds.arstechnica.com/arstechnica/technology-lab

This app does not have 320x480 support on the Tungsten TX. I'm unsure if it supports any other special screen resolutions (Handera Hi-Res, Clie Hi-Res, etc)

I did not realize it was shareware until I checked the about screen to see the version. It may be a time limited trial. I will never know if that's the case because this app feels more like a proof of concept to me. There's no way to adjust ticker size or color. Since it doesn't support extended screens, the amount of text on screen at any one time is not a lot and can be annoying to read, even at the fastest setting.

I will not be using this for a news reader or even a passive screensaver type app, but I leave it here for preservation reasons. I hope you find it more useful than I did.


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