Teal Script

Frustrated by a tiny keyboard? Hate Graffiti-2? Text entry too painful? TealScript is the Handwriting Solution.

TealScript adds Graffiti text input to Treo and Centro smart phones, freeing you from tiny keyboards. For devices that already support Graffiti, TealScript adds a trainable system that supports both optional multistroke and a true one-stroke Graffiti-1 alphabet.

Instead of forcing the user to adjust to a fixed set of reference strokes, TealScript is fully configurable, allowing training and modifying of existing strokes or addition of new ones for improved personal handwriting recognition and speed.

Only TealScript supports advanced features such as macro strokes, multi-stroke characters, easy capitalization, write-anywhere, and exclusive 'Push to Write' mode for flawless text entry when writing on screen.


TealPoint software is not Abandonware and remains actively available for sale. See author's website to register.


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