Change color of any user interface element (buttons, text fields, form frames, etc.)

-Customize the 5-Way Navigator focus ring color.

-Create and save your own color themes.

-Use preset (ready made) color themes.

-Assign various bit depths and color themes to different applications.

-Use the revolutionary "Random" command to create a brand new and original theme with just one tap!

-Additional visual effects are a pleasure for the eye and can sometimes be quite useful.

-Modify the system palette - get all available RGB colors on an 8-bit display!

-Palm OS 3.5 up to Palm OS 5 support.

-Also for grayscale display devices.

Full version features

-Theme loading and saving support in all modes

-Possibility of changing all user interface elements

-Complete "Applications" feature

-Editor of all 24 editable system palette items

-Non-limited visual effects

-The "Darken" command

-The "Random" command

-Additional preset themes for various modes

-Much smaller PRC file size


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3.5 Butterfly_3.5-full--smeggies.zip24K

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