Resco Locker

Old apps crashing on new Palms? Resco Locker may be able to help!

Resco Locker keeps applications locked in background memory. While it may sound simple, it can provide multiple benefits:

Crash prevention:

Old apps may crash because they do not expect that they can be moved on NVFS systems. Locking them keeps them in place.

Speed increase:

Apps are accessed through a cache on NVFS systems. Locking your most frequently-used apps prevents purging them from the cache. On systems with slower storage (e.g. LifeDrive) keeping apps in cache can dramatically improve loading times.

Other Features

  • Possibility to lock apps, preference panels, and DA's
  • Immediate locking without waiting for reset
  • Full one-handed operation
  • Customization of the columns, sort order
  • Multi-selection
  • Display of the DB attributes

Resco Locker is intended for use on NVFS-based devices only, such as: Tungsten E2, Tungsten T5, Palm TX, Palm LifeDrive, Treo 650, and Treo 700p. While the app itself is compatible with Palm OS 3.0 and up, it will have no beneficial effect on non-NVFS systems.


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1.20 RLock-1-20.zip36K
1.30.2-en RLock-1-30-2.zip36K
1.30.2-cn RLock-1-30-2-cn.zip36K

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