Puzzles-In-Motion (The Incredible Machine)

Puzzles-In-Motion is a highly interactive, physics-based-puzzles application for the Palm Computing Platform. Minimum requirements: Palm III, OS 3.0.

A puzzle consists of one or more stationary puzzle pieces and a toolbar containing puzzle pieces to be added by the user. The user-added puzzle pieces are placed on the gameboard area to accomplish the goals of the puzzle.

Puzzle Packs and Puzzle Solutions are loaded onto your device as additional PDB files.

In early 2001 Puzzles-In-Motion was sold to Sierra On-Line, Inc. The game was rebranded and rereleased as a Handheld version of The Incredible Machine, bundled on the CD-ROM for “The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions” (Mac/Windows).

Puzzle Packs

  • P-I-M comes with 3 puzzle packs
  • T-I-M comes with 1 puzzle pack
  • Other puzzle packs contain additional levels

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  • P-I-M requires registration
  • T-I-M does not require registration
  • Both PRC files play the same level packs


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Retail TIM-Handheld.zip160K
Color PIMColor.zip176K
Mono PIMmono.zip136K
Addon PEPUZPAK1.zip4.0K
Addon PEPUZPAK2.zip4.0K
Addon PEPUZPAK3.zip8.0K
Addon PEPUZPAK4.zip4.0K
Addon MITCHPUZ.zip4.0K
Addon Puzzle_pack_1.zip4.0K
Addon Puzzle_pack_6.zip8.0K
Addon karas_puzzles.zip8.0K
Addon Chocoblock.zip8.0K
Addon Rockets_Galore.zip4.0K

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