Pennovate Notes

Ever went looking for a pen and paper to write something down even though your Palm was right next to you?

Ever tried using your Palm to take notes but gave up trying because it just wasn't fast enough?

Do you own a Palm device, but currently you're not using it?

Want to get more use out of your Palm?

Need a reason to keep that Palm?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you should at least download and give Pennovate™ Notes Pro a try. It's all about "simplicity" and doing the minimal to stay productive. Here at Pennovate™, we've learned that if a product is too difficult to use, very few people, if any, will continue to use it.

If you really want something quick and easy to use, simply to take down notes at an instant's notice so that your Palm can be your personal information bank, explore our website, watch our demos, download our products, and give them a spin. You might find out something you never knew could be done on a Palm. You might bring new life to your Palm.


Note: lite version has less features but doesn't require registration.

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Use HackMe to register without changing your primary HotSync ID.


Generate a key for your own HotSync ID using the C4PA Pennovate Notes Key Generator


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3.0.0 Lite PennovateNotesLite.prc368K

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