Dictionary engine for Palm PDAs able to run dictionary databases from RAM, memory cards, or specified directory.

The MSDict engine application is relatively fast to other similar engines with fast search in even large databases (like unabridged dictionaries) even from the SD card.

The app supports:

  • Hyperlinks between different related articles
  • Text font remapping (dynamic changing of font sizes)
  • Opportunity to add custom notes to any article in the dictionary so you can save your ideas and examples of usage
  • Built-in multi-lingual keyboard
  • Single-tap search, starting on the first letter
  • Wildcard filtration feature(the use of "*" replaces an arbitrary number of symbols within words)
  • Opportunity to add custom notes to any article in the dictionary
  • Specially enhanced for hi-resolution devices and hi-resolution landscape view mode
  • Button allowing quick erase of the query field
  • Dynamic word history list for each session
  • Guidance on grammar
  • Thousands of examples
  • Transcriptions facilitating pronunciation
  • Fast shortcut with hardware or silkscreen button shortcut
  • Support for MMC, memory stick, and SD memory cards
  • Stylish user interface with several split-screen view modes

Minimal Installation

Put the:

  • MS Dict xxx.prc
  • DatabaseLib.prc
  • DeviceLib.prc

files in the RAM, copy the dictionary .pdb files where you want them, scan for dictionaries in the MSDict app (takes a long time), fun!


No registration is necessary for the patched version of the MSDict engine app.


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More dictionaries can be found here: MobuWare but they have to be extracted from .exe installation files.

8.10 MSDict_810_patched.zip280K
manual MSDict_manual.pdf676K
11e Concise_Oxford_English_Dictionary_11e_for_MSDict.zip6.4M
8e Collins_English_Dictionary_8th_for_MSDict.zip8.1M
2003 edition Oxfort_Dictionary_of_Idioms_2003_for_MSDict.zip480K
2000 edition Cambridge_American_English_for_MSDict.zip2.1M
? Small_English_+_Irreg_Verbs_for_MSDict.zip484K

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