MiniOffice (MiniCalc-MiniWord)

MiniWrite is a text editor for Palm OS® files in standard Doc format. It is designed to work with plain texts without word processing functionality (e.g., bullets, tables, headers). MiniWrite includes converters for text files and Microsoft® Word files, for Windows only.

MiniCalc is the most cost-effective, memory-efficient and time-saving toolset available to PalmOS users for analyzing and presenting information. It combines popular spreadsheet functionality with a convenient, easy-to-use interface.

Attached also is version PilotMiniCalc 2.0 with a standalone csv-pdb-csv converter (windows registry entries must be created for the converter to work, see reg file under wine directory or install using setup.exe from the original mc72 Version).


Version 3.0 available now working correctly with the converter.


7.2 MiniOffice_Deluxe_V7.2_patched.zip3.5M
7.2 mc72_original_setup.zip964K
2.0 PilotMiniCalc_v2.0.zip176K
3.0 PIMC30.zip404K

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