Your mission is to race a quad bike around 20 different tracks and to attempt to move your way through the levels which are Baby Cup, Junior Cup, Pro Cup, Master Cup and Expert Cup.

Each level include 4 very detailed and varied tracks and you also get the choice of 6 different quad bikes which have different specialties for Road, Off Road and Grip.


Use the included key generator (tm_microquad.prc) to register after installation.


Supported Devices:

  • PalmOne Tungsten series T (T1, T2, T3) and C
  • PalmOne Zire (71, 72, 31)
  • PalmOne Treo 600
  • Sony Clié PEG NX, NZ, TG, TH, TJ and UX
  • Tapwave Zodiac 1 and 2

May need up to 6 MB of free memory to run. If you find this too much, you can use the low resolution version of MicroQuad.

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1.1 MicroQuad_v1.1.zip2.8M
1.0 MicroQuad_v1.0.zip2.7M

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